According to Aristotle,the author of the book ,THE POLITICS, every state ,or,republic is an association,and, that every association is formed with a view to some good purpose.He says”good”because in all their actions all do infact aim at what they think good.Clearly then as all association aim at some good that association which is the most sovereign among them all and embraces all others will aim highest i.e at the most sovereign of all goods.This is the association which we call the state,the association which is political.

And,it is in this Aristotle’s statement that we might beg to ask whether our state ,country.republic do adhere to that prescribed association.Does our association possess those attributes ,necessities and requirements that identifies it for the enhancement of it’s subjects to co-exist in total happiness?

A true association is judged according to how it’s subjects do co-exist,accomodate and tolerate each other.In times of need does the subjects help each other ,or, does the government extends it’s helping hand to them.

After our country was cleansed and offered a new lease of life by the new constitution ,we might tend to ask our leaders what action plan have they laid out in this association of ours to ensure the kenyans have the peace of mind while living in it .Is the action plan of any good to this association?

For any association to prosper where every citizen enjoys living in it ,it must meet certain requirements and obligations.That association must possess good laws which acts as guiding principles,uphelding of the rule of the law where justice is administered ,equity of resources ,equality of the subjects irrespective of the status in the society,gender,tribe,easy access to basic needs ,or ,any service the subjects may require.

Any deviation to these requirements and services to an unequal society where some are more equal than others ,creates haves and have-nots with the later group carrying the heavier burden.And,such an unequal society creates protectism on the part of the haves and suspicion where the subjects don’t really enjoy living in it.

And ,at the end of it all the eroding of these deviations breds the ills that bedevils the society.These are the ills that have being holding back most African states.That’s why there is frequent calls of change which we must embrace if we are to progress.

In our republic of KENYA,can we embrace that change,or,will it be a by-gone?Are we going to be stuck in the old school of thought even after we blended our country  with a new constitutional order?

A new wind of change is sweeping across which has been long overdue ,and ,whether we will make it a reality remains a mystery,a big challenge and a threat.People have been clamouring for that vital change to ensure good governance,enhancement of equality,eliminate corruption,fight tribalism and curb other social ills that affects us and to be in tune with true realities of the modern world.

After the eruption of the post election violences which ceased with the signing of the National Accord ,it was agreed that the country needs a total overhaul in our systems of governance and change the status quo.And, that is what was contained in Agenda 4of the national accord ,as it had analysed and addressed the ills which polarised the country.

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