As a Nation, are we prepared to handle any magnitude of the outcome of the frothcoming election? | election,campaigns,

election,campaigns,As the election campaigns intensifies,with the ultimate prize being clinching of the presidency in the forthcoming general election ,a lot is in the offing as the country gears up for the election.Political leaders who have offered their candidature are portraying their rivals in bad light ,incapable of leading ,while at the same time smearing butter on their political slices;in the name of drumming support.To some it is a do ,or,die engagement ,while others have equated it as a referendum against the International Criminal Courts,as the Hague based Court has come to be the subject of contenticity in the Kenyan politics.

But,as the political shenanigans plays itself out,we might tend to ask whether this election will be a replica of 2007 election ,which was disputed ,and,led to post election chaos?Or,will it be a peaceful one?As a nation ,are we prepared to handle any magnitude of the outcome of the election?What are we doing to avert,contain any security threat that may crop up,assure and guarantee the peace loving Kenyans that all things will be okay?What measures are in place to manage the electoral process?And,are our leaders doing enough to preach peace ,and,urge Kenyans to accommodate and tolerate each other?

These are mind boggling questions that needs to be addressed ,which are in the minds of most Kenyans .Putting into consideration what transpired after 2007 election ,most Kenyans have a reason to worry about ,as they don’t know what could be in store this time round.In a country which has a history of political disturbances ,and,tribal violence when an election approaches ,where even the forthcoming one isn’t an exception ,we must ponder and ask hard questions whether we are still on the course.

To those who were affected by the post election chaos in 2007,the mere mention of the word election evokes bitter and bad memories of what happened at the time-it acts as a dark cloud which hovers around.

As a country,we are at the tipping point where anything can happen to our dear country,and,whether we can be able to counter anything that transpires can’t be written.We are election,campaigns,in a delicate position as a nation.And,putting into consideration the political fireworks that flares up in our country ,in the name of politics and politicking puts our political situation in jeopardy,at a time when our election is facing a litmus test after post election chaos.

And,our political leaders and politicians aren’t helping us at all,as right now they are engaged in premature elections.They are the first culprits when it comes to putting our country in an awkward political situation,due to their politically motivated alarming statements.And,it is worth noting that some politicians are facing charges in the law courts due to incitements and hate speeches.Derogatory remarks by politicians demeaning other tribes adds fuel to the fire.

Also ,to worry about ,is the nature of our politicking ,where tribal alliances are turning out to be the orders of the days .It is a pity to note that we are retreating to tribal cocoons.Led by the top politicians and tribal chiefs most tribes have created a perimeter wall in their surrounding to wade off other tribal leaders who may encroach in their territories.

The reemergence of the illegal groupings ,and,especially the Mombasa republican council,puts our country’s security in a state of worry .With their agitation that,”Pwani si Kenya”,puts our country in jeopardy

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