As a country are we in the process of grooming upcoming enterpreneurs?

To the state,each an every subject ,citizen is of a big plus in that given state due to his,or,her enormous contribution in it.The government believes that each an every citizen plays an important role in the development,betterment and the realization of a good country.

When the Almighty GOD created each an every human being,HE created him with a purpose to fulfill in this earth.According to the good Bible,even before we were born GOD had a plan for us all.

And,to the government,that’s why it sends a delegation whenever one of it’s citizen passes on,so as to console the affected family,and,offer it’s condolences.Each an every citizen in a state is of vital importance when he,or,she is alive.

The recent passing on of the two prominent kenyan personalities ,cum,big enterpreneurs almost left a void in the markets ,as they were big players and drivers of the economy.And,politically they left a crater in the central kenya’s politics.From humble beginnings they rose to establish big,vibrant business empires in the country.They had the drive,passion,ambition,strategy,resources and good conscious minds.The times also favoured them,coupled by good conducive business environment,hence they had the chance of pushing their ideas to the extremes.

Overall,the late John Michuki,and,Njenga Karume,were creators-they belonged to that category of people who makes things happen.They possessed strong motivating self driven ambitions which helped them to stay above the fray,kept them going and ensured that they charted and sailed through the virgin waters.They were big time business acumen of all times in their own rights.

But,the million dollar question begs ,with the demise of the two who contributed immensely to our economy and to a greater extent our country,as a country are we in the process of grooming upcoming enterpreneurs?Are we supporting Small Medium Enterprises?And,what is the government doing to address this issue,and,what is it’s strategic plan in supporting and equipping these small medium enterprises so that they can reach the status of big corporations?

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