Are we up to the challenge of the New Year? By Mungai.

Happy New Year. It’s that time of the year we do have to acknowledge the fact that we are in a new year which we are optimistic won’t be too much challenging. After lapping up the past year which was abit challenging, most people do frisk up the New Year by pinning down same resolutions which they do wish to accomplish

But, this resolutions action plan has been dispelled due to non-accomplishment of the resolution which acts as the guiding principles and has been described as just wishful wishes. And, then the million dollar question is, are we up to challenge of the New Year as people or the country? Will we clear the major stumbling blocks which hampered our accomplishment of key issues in the past year?

To most people and as a country all what we do pray for is that the New Year be bright, successful without much challenges and hustles. After going through one of the most surmountable challenges year that was full of pitfalls at long last we managed to pull through and we must appreciate that we are in a new year which we are hoping we might sight the light at the end of the tunnel

Following the festive carnival moods which concluded the year, of which the New Year downed with those blues the year to most people, might start with a hard start but we must clear them to the regain the stride.

As people our plate is full with issue that needs foremost attention to be addressed which proves to be too much challenging. Most people do have key resolution they do want to accomplish whether personally and psychologically, financially and psychologically may be you want to drop that habit that habit that has been dogging you down to restructure your financial grapy, or you want to get employment following a prolonged unemployment. Generally’ most do want to improve themselves so that they can be successful people in their lives.

Overall the past year wasn’t friendly to the low end Kenyans, for the high cost of living affected tem, which was occasioned by the downturn global economic recession which pushed many to the brink of desperateness. This recession forced most of the basic commodities to skyrocket to on optimum high and especially the food prices were hardest hit which most couldn’t afford. The last nail in the coffin was hit where famine, prolonged dry spell and the failure of the rains it hitted us also, in the basket and calling for attention to be settled are the bills and school fees. People are also optimistic that the high cost of electricity will come down after they are loaded with one of the highest skyrocketing bills over the past year.

And, as a country we do have many issues to deal with. As the new year dawned signaled that we itching closer to the next general election., and we cannot forget what happened during the last general election, Thus, the famous agenda 4 comes to the fore ,as it had highlighted the key issues which acts as stumbling blocks and quagmires that haunts us and their solutions were contained in that agenda of which they have not being addressed fully.

We are still trapped in a tinder-box, leaning in a awkward situation and if it happens that we cannot address these key issues which were spelt out in the agenda 4 then we mite be doomed to fail as a country.

First, we must entrench the new constitutional dispensation in the country so as to offer it necessary face lift .With the harmonized draft having already entered a crucial stage we must brush off the bad politics that deviates the process. We must entrench a good constitution which will serve our state “kallipolis” effectively, equally without discrimination and where the preservation of the rule of law will be upheld. A constitution as it was described and spelt out by Aristotle in his book,” politics”.

Another key issue is the reformation of key governance institution and our governing system. It must be hastened to stem out the corruption ill that hampers their delivery of service and to run effectively .Any lip service from the government to its citizens must be a thing of the past which must be avoided at all cost.

Our Government must address the issues that affect the day to day livelihood of the people, that’s taming the skyrocketing prices of various basic commodities. The Government must also address the scarcity of jobs among the youths.

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