Are we still on the reconciliation peace path, or, did we abandon it along time ago? And, as a matter of fact, it seems as if it doesn’t feature in our list of priority, because we started engaging in other political shenanigans which cast doubt of any possible reconciliation peace process.

This is one question we need to ponder and ask our political class considering the volatility of some areas which were hit hard by the post election violence’s, and to most people, they do live as if they are on borrowed times. The coalition Government has been unable to address the various pertinent issues that are affecting the people.

The issues of the settlement of internally displaced people have been an anathema and a scar in the coalition Government of which they have not addressed. After it was agreed that they be resettled back into their farms. It has failed and those who have been settled have myriad of problems staring at them.

The suspicious eye that characterized and grappled the different communities is still there, and to most tribes they can’t trust their neighbours. This was evident during the burial of the victims of Kiambaa A.G Church, which was torched at the height of post election violence, where the victims had sought refuge. The O.D.M side of the coalition skipped the burial and later they said that they were not invited to attend the burial, and one wonders until when the burial became an invitation event.

Frequent squabble that tremor the coalition government tells otherwise. The coalition government has not yet sat down properly and addressed pertinent issues or brought something tangible on the table. As has always been the norm different divergent views do emerge. And, one tends to wonder, until when shall there be harmony in the coalition government so that it can trickle down to the Kenyan.

And, just like a family or a home where infighting, war of words between the husband and wife characterizes the days, the children’s are the ones who are mostly affected and stressed because they wouldn’t have the peace of mind. This is what the coalition Government is offeri0ng us. Instead of addressing the pertinent issues that are affecting us, they are busy fighting for power.

After the signing and enactment of the National Accord and reconciliation act, this helped to ease the bloodletting and cooled the political temperatures, and brought together the warring parties, it was agreed that the two principals would be at the forefront in engaging the country to a reconciliatory mood.

They were also mandated to breach the gap of the tribal cocoons that Kenyan shelters themselves in, which facilitates the eruption of tribal violence’s. The post election violence’s had split the country into dangerous tribal factions.

And, it seemed as if the warring communities wanted to settle some scores, and, thereby devious and heinous atrocities were committed, all in the name of an election. Neighbours turned against their fellow neighbours, friends turned against each other, as everybody became a foe, save for those from the same tribe.

The political and the ruling class elites had an uphill task ahead of reconciling the warring communities, as them the politicians are the ones who had incited them into violence, but, instead of preaching peace, harmony and uniting the Kenyan community, they have been dispersing the same awful seeds that divide the Kenyan people along the tribal lines.

The idea of the reconciliatory was a noble one which was meant to reconcile and unite the Kenyan community regardless of the tribe, gender, race so that we can heal the leaking wounds which hasn’t yet healed. Until we do address the issues that divide us, we will always be trapped in this quagmire.

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