Are we Kenyans guilt for the crimes that were committed during the post election violence,2007/8,as was proclaimed? | Kenyans,guilt,violence,post,election

Kenyans,guilt,violence,post,electionAre we Kenyans guilt for the crimes that were committed during the post election violence,in 2007/8,that rocked our country as was proclaimed by Deputy Prime minister,Musalia Mudavadi? Does the buck of the post election chaos stops with us as Kenyan,and,as a nation?And,what is the perspective view of the cases that have engulfed the 4 Kenyans ,who were accused to presumed to have the heaviest responsibilities over the post election chaos?

A while ago ,while adding his voice to the hottest debate about the post election chaos ,and,the pending cases at the International Criminal Courts,in the Hague,Mr.Mudavadi ,lamented to the effect that all Kenyans are as guilt as the indicted ones for the crimes that were committed at the time.He said that the cases which are hovering around the 4 Kenyans should not have been tried at the International criminal Court.They should have tried here in our country.If it was within his means he could advocate for a local mechanism to revolve around the issue.

And,his assertion,that we are all guilt didn’t go down well to most Kenyans ,for it ruffled the feathers in the wrong way to the already hot issue of the cases which are pending at the International criminal Courts.It also came at a time when the country is gearing up to hold an election.Also,the Kibaki succession race is very much in the cards ,which is raging with each an every passing day.

It also transpired against a major backdrop of the fact that two leading presidential hopefuls are in the race for the Presidency.The I.C.C cases are also featuring prominently in this succession race ,because the eligibility and integrity of these two hopefuls in contending in an elective posts have been challenged in the High Court.

These two presidential hopefuls are asserting that it is their fundamental and constitutional right to vie for any political elective post in this country ,and,nothing can stop them from enjoying that right.But,those who are challenging their suitability are quoting chapter 6 of the constitution which bars any candidate who have a tainted integrity.

So the political stakes are very high in the political circles ,where other presidential hopefuls are waiting in the wings in trying to win their favour should anything happen and they are barred from contesting.

These two leading presidential hopefuls have upped their political games in readiness for the big battle.They have consolidated their backyards votes in one block ,which at the end of it all will act as the bargaining chip if they will be barred by the Courts.If they will not be Kings ,they will be kingmakers in the forthcoming general election.

And,we can’t forget the fact that during the post election chaos ,Kenyans were killed ,property destroyed ,displacements took place and rapes were all committed in the name of a disputed election outcome.It only cooled down after the two warring parties agreed to sign a peace accord ,and,formed a coalition government .By signing a peace accord the coalition government was mandated to bring to book the perpetrators of the post election chaos,by a formation of a tribunal ,failure to which the cases would be taken by the I.C.C.

That’s why we ended up at the International criminal Courts,where the 4 Kenyans are awaiting their trials to commence in April next year.Deputy Prime minister,Uhuru Kenyatta,Eldoret North,Member of Parliament ,William Ruto,former cabinet secretary,Francis Muthaura and Radio presenter,Joshua Sang,have all been indicted by the Hague based Court.

But,they have all denied any involvement with post election chaos,and,they do proclaim that the charges are politically motivated.

But,who bears the guilt over the post election violence,because the indicted ones are proclaiming innocence ?Or,are we all guilt by default?

As a country we are at a crossroad ,in an awkward situation,which is being complicated further by the fact that the indicted ones are in the contention,and according to the opinion polls there is a likelihood of one garnering that coveted presidency .

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