Are our youths been lured and recruited to join the terror ,and,organized criminal groups?

As the war on Al shabaab terror group rages on,one thing unfolded itself which was under the exterior,and,it’s that our youths have been recruited and infiltrated in the ranks of al shabaab to wage the war.And,following the confession by the kenyan terror youth who was convicted over his links with al shabaab ,and ,handling of illegal cache of arms and explosives with intention of causing harm ,leaves a trail of loose ironic questions.What is revealing and unfolding is that a lot of youths are been duped and lured to join this terror group and other criminal organized groups in return of promises of good rewards.

The revelation by the police commissioner,Mathew Iteere,that most of the youths from diverse communities have crossed over to Somalia to join the al shabaab,tells a lot and raises concerns.Even the Daily Nation ,went a step further and highlighted a detailed story of how the youths are being recruited in Isiolo,Mombasa,Wajir,Mandera,and Eastleigh after been duped and promised handsome rewards after joining this terror group.After been recruited,they were taken to Somalia where they were indoctrinated and induced with radical extremism islamic ideals and teachings.

Also,the moderate Imams and Sheikhs had raised the red flag along time ago over these recruitment of their youths under the guise of fighting a holy war.Families that are bereaved have retreated under the carpet of their houses,mourning in silence their beloved sons who were either killed,or,are trapped in the Somalia’s fighting.They are grieving all alone with nobody to turn to,for they can’t talk openly about the incidences for fear of reprisals from the terror sympathizers.

The recruitment of hundred of youths to fight for a course for promises rewards showcases a serious concern and poses a danger in the society.It is an indicator that our youths are ready to kill their country men for material gain.

But,the million dollar question still begs,where we did it went wrong as a nation and society to find ourselves in the situation we are in,concerning our youths?Where did the rain start beating us because the youths seems to be joining organized crimes in droves?And,what led our youths to join the ranks of this terror group?These questions raises concerns and puts into the picture how organized criminal groups are luring our youths,or,filling the void that’s being left.

Wikipedia defines organized crime as a transnational ,national,local grouping of highly centralized enterprises run by criminals for the purpose of engaging in illegal activity ,most commonly for monetary profit.

Many factors have led to the draining of our youths which have largely been ignored ,and,puts into perspective ironic question why so many of them are joining terror groups,organized criminal and criminal cult groups.Bad influence ,monetary gains,poor perceptions in the society coupled by poor parenting have been pinpointed as a major contributing factors.Youths are also being lured into criminal gangs through misconceptions.Youths may believe gang membership will make them popular,or,that it will give them a secure feeling of involvement.

And,it is worth noting that many members comes from broken homes and are looking for acceptance,respect and protection.Financial security is sometimes promised to them as well

Complex social problems have being cited as the primary causes ,the root cause of the persistent and proliferation of youth gangs.Dysfunctional families,often with absent father,low social-economic circumstances,poor educational opportunities ,unemployment ,indigence,deteriorated neighbourhood with high crime rates and racism.

If we truly want to rescue our youth from the likes of al shabaab and Mungiki,we must realize that our guidance is needed at this sensitive period in their lives.If we don’t of course terrorists will come in handy to fill this vacuum.History bears witness.Similar situations gave, Adolf Hitler, an easy time in recruiting the ss black shirts as his followers.

In Kenya,women and youths are the poorest,as well as being the majority.The most rich are men in their advanced ages.This pattern of wealth distribution is a legacy of anti-youth,anti-women culture in post colonial dictatorship and self politics.This type of politics only helps in shamelessly discriminating the majority by denying them their democratic right of political competition and participation.And,these are what have made the kenyan youth to be misled into criminal and cult organizations.

The reality is that the number of jobless and less endowed people takes the majority percent of the total population.Most of these people languish in poverty alongside conspicuous riches in the hands of a few elders,whose only source of this success is the failure of the ethics in government and leadership.And,such circumstances of despair,anxiety,joblessness and lack of social mentoring,it will not be difficult for the al shabaab and other criminal cults to win followers on the basis of very simple gifts of cash.

And,to curtail this tread ,effective treatment must be culturally sensitive ,diverse and experienced as relevant to the lives of the gang involved youth.It must address the myriad and serious underlying personal and social problems that led to gang involvement.Otherwise contrary methods will seem like we are at war with our own youth,and,what a paradox.

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