Despite the passage of a new constitution which was supposed to alter most our ways of doing politics, but, nothing much has changed as we are still back to the basics, the true nature of our Kenyan politics. As it has been the nature of our politics it has always been a dirty affair game blended and based on ethinicity and tribalistic angle. The political waters are always turbulent characterized by tidal waves and storms where deadly cards are always on the offing’s political realizations and wheel dealing carries the day plus other political shenanigans.

Lately we have been a washed by news of political alliances been fronted by our leaders from different political tribal groupings and regions in what they think is a winning strategy come 2012 general elections .most of these leaders wants to up their game and to an advantageous position in the for the next elections as the new constitution has alerted most of the old ways of winning an election and this comes against a major backdrop of fully implementation of a new constitution and even before the constitution campaigns dust has settled

But the funny part of it all is that right from the time I came to comprehend a few tipsy and the nature of our politics nothing much has changed .the nature of politics hasn’t changed and realistically speaking it becomes devious with each and passing day .the politicians are still continues to call them even at the current times

The purported leaders have been a major stumbling block in our systems of governance and reformation. They have been advocating for the status quo to remain so that they can continue to manipulate the system at our own expense.

Just a closer look at the concluded referendum results showed as a matter of fact that the self appointed tribal chieftains are here to stay and they will be leading at the front. Most of them rallied their tribes to follow them which they used as a card to showcase their cause that they are the ones who charts the way forward on matters concerning that tribe. If we thought they aren’t chieftains then we are in a rude shock as it proved that it is hard to eliminate and break up this group.

It is well known fact that they do use their tribes to influence, bargain, enrich to gain wealth, gain power and to amass it at the expense of their tribe .And thus they are major contributors and ones who fuels ethnicity, tribalism, tribal violence’s and animosities .at the end of the day the culture of impunity, corruption thrives and it is courted as the tribe becomes a cocoon of fallback and hiding everything that comes up or any undertaking has to be based and laced with the tribal baptism fire. Failure to address them properly causes serious political ripples and outbursts such as our tribe is been victimized targeted or was short changed.

And not forgetting the ever powerful political elites and barons who gains power through the leader, which Machiavelli refers to this leadership as “Power through the barons.” These are the single most and a major stumbling block to any kind of reformation, due to their closeness to the heart of the political power. They do manipulate the system as ill vices continues to thrive namely corruption, impunity, miscarriage of justice and total disregard of the rule of law .they do own the government and that is why they do call the shots. They hold the country at ransom.

Of late these are conglomeration of leaders who have been treating us to all sorts of political and tribal alliances they are fronting .they want to strategize for 2012 general elections and they want us to use the tribal factor as the triumphant card to influence and use it as a bargaining chip for any alliance that might be on the offing’s. But the political nomadism isn’t a strange affair to us as it is prevalent to our politicians and it is occasioned when they feels under siege and might be swept away by the political tidal waves and thus a moment recons for change of gears to maneuver around

But are our leaders sincere when they are trying to form this tribal alliances our politicians must put into consideration that political nomadism also popularly known as alliances has no place in present Kenya as the new laws are clear on matters governing political parties. Kenya’s democracy has been defiled by power hungry politicians who use their tribe as a bargaining chip. What is happening in the country –forming political alliances ahead of 2012 – is unhealthy as political alliances should be founded on shared ideas and not political schemes meant to benefit a few tribes at the expense of others. It is disturbing when leading political figures embraces and glorify tribal grouping in the name of winning an election. Why not sell the party manifesto to electorate and let them decide.

I am of the opinion that a national leader can still win an election in Kenya without entering into ethnic based pacts. Is there a Kenyan with national credentials to rally people for the good of the nation? I do believe there are many all they need to do is off themselves for elective offices.

I beseech our politicians to give the country a break from ethnic pacts. To start thinking tribal is the worst thing that we should be doing. Kenyans must reject all dirty schemes by politicians

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