Naturally, human beings are social animals. And that’s why they are driven by pleasures and other social amenities that make his of her life enjoyable. Also it helps him to keep at bay the negative psychological perception and ideas that may haunt him.

That is why so many people do indulge in the partaking of alcohol and wines as one of the enjoyment refreshments to relieve and reconnect with themselves. Imbibing of alcohol is an ancient trend which started before Christ. Even our forefathers drank it and it was regarded as one of the most essential commodity in most cultural activities.

But in these modern times, we are taking these pleasures to the extremes that are extreme drinking. It is not a wonder to find men drinking at any whim of a minute. The million dollar question is, are men drinking alcohol and especially the illicit brews to self-destruction consciously without knowing?

It is a pity that the consumption of alcohol has increased significantly and particularly the partaking of the illicit brews. It is a trend which is abit worrying because even the youths are engaging in this behaviour.According to a survey conducted,6 out of 10 men do partake these illicit brews. it is estimated that most of the jobless youths do spend most ot their manpower hours drinking these illicit brews.

But what drives men to partake these illicit brews well knowing its negative repercussion heath wise as it doesn’t pass the accredited tests? is it due to desperation, joblessness or is it an un-becoming habit trend? is it a question you cant unfold considering the fact that we are living in economic challenging times?

Recently in Shauri Moyo estate in Nairobi, about 15 people died and 10 others lost their eyesight after partaking an illicit brew laced with poison. Most of these victims had graced their usual drinking dens to drink their usual brews”chang’aa” a popular illicit brew in the slum, but they didn’t know that fate would be on their shadows.

It wasn’t the first time such a fatal accident had hit the country, it was almost the fifth time in row.Everytime it hits, and it leaves a trail of death and loss of eyesight to the victims on the tracks. And it pities to note that the authorities don’t take any concrete step to arrest this situation, and to the drinkers despite a spirit campaign to warn them of the dander of these illicit brews have fallen on deaf ears.

And it seems as if Kenyans learn hard from past disastrous incidences, despite hitting us so hard and severely. call it the Kenyan way of perceiving responding and processing of the reality.

In a coincidence of events, after that fatal incident afterwards, one addicted laden guy was overheard as he was been interviewed saying that he will not stop drinking just because his friends had died as a result of these illicit brews. he will continue drinking. What a typical way of life as this scenarios clearly demonstrates how men are totally been enslaved by this illicit brews.

These leaves a lot of ironical questions which needs to be unfolded and addressed accordingly.But as a society and country, where are we heading to with these illicit brews which continues to rain havoc on men and youths, if the consumption rates are anything to go by? Do we have a future if our youths continue to co0nsume these illicit brews?

That Shauri Moyo’s fatal accident is a pointer or the real society we live in. It is a trend commonly associated with low income groups and jobless in slum areas and rural areas. To add insult to the injury, most people engaged in the vice are young productive Kenyans barely in their teens. This is the hard and painful reality we have to contend with.

And it wasn’t long time ago when women in central Kenya staged a protest over this illicit brews, calling for a ban. To their urguements,these brews have reduced their men and husbands to just mere cabbages and thus they cant perform their manhood duties whish they are required to perform.

The fight against this illicit brews started long time ago and it has been the Governments duty to eliminate them, but due to rampant corruption among the police force and provincial administration, the plan always hits a snag. The brewers and operators are well known to these governments’ authorities but they always have their way due to bribes they do offer.

Overall drinking has become a full time hobby to most Kenyans as opposed to part-time activity. And the most hard hit areas where these brews are prevalent is central Kenya and in the slum areas.

This everyday adjustment of partaking these illicit brews is affecting our society negatively, economic productivity and the matrimonial fabric being the worst hit. The society needs to be educated intensively about the dangers of alcohol taking and illicit brews in particular.

It has been suggested that chang’aa and other traditional brews be legalized. But legalizing it may not be the solution since this will mean improved quality and therefore ultimate higher prices. This means that the [poor Kenyans who live under a dollar in a day will still seek other alcohol alternatives elsewhere.

Certain beer brands that were brewed targeting the low income earners and were supposed to help eliminate the partaking of the illicit brews, have not been entirely successful. But we cannot rule out the Kenyan ambitious imitation vice of brewing, packing and drinking of counterfeit brands.

But what makes these illicit brews so cheap, considering the fact that the chemistry of brewing any alcohol is not simple. This is why it is quite questionable if a glass of the staff can retain for sh.10 and still allow the brewer to make any profit. This implies that the revelers may be imbibing concoctions of chemicals well treated to smell like their favorite drink. The government must subsidize these brews to avoid any mischievous plan on the part of brewers.

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