…..And,never again should the people of Kenya shed blood for politicians,or, be subjected to any form of inhumanity due to the Politics of the day…or,the myopic shenanigans of the politicians

……..Never again shall the innocent blood of Kenyans will be shed in the name of politics……And,never again should the people of Kenya shed blood for politicians,or,be subjected to any form of inhumanity due to the politics of the day…..And,so let it be.This was the rallying call message that came out during the prayer-cum-thanksgiving rally that was held on Saturday 16th,April at Afraha stadium ,in Nakuru.

Speaker after speaker had the same kind of message of forgiveness ,reconciliation,tolerance,peace,harmony and reparations.President Kenyatta had proposed the day as a national prayer day after the International Criminal Courts,terminated the case of Deputy-President ,William Ruto,and ,Radio presenter ,Joshua arap Sang.

And,if the prayers that were said on that day were aimed at that,and,not empty rhetoric,then we can rest assured that we do have a brighter journey ahead.The different Church leaders who were there took the forum to call on Kenyan to embrace each other,live harmoniously,tolerate and forgive each other.They asked Kenyans to turn a new leaf so that the country can stand to gain the ground.

Even the political leaders adopted the same tone and script of forgiveness,reconciliation,tolerance,peace,harmony and reparation.Even the President and his Deputy voiced the same script.

But,in matters of introspective,the base line is that never again should the people of Kenya shed blood in the name of politics….and,negative shenanigans that are propagated by selfish politicians.

What these negative shenanigans demonstrates is how ordinary Kenyans are taken for granted and how politicians make dubious claim of heroes of Kenya’s nationalism.

Indeed ,recently several commentaries have drawn on Benedict Anderson’s idea on nationalism to argue that the Kenya project is nearly doomed ,especially if some politicians win power next year. I find these arguments problematic for one simple reason ;they heap agency on politicians and assign a passive role to Kenyans.

The said Columnist had painted the picture of a hopeless future for our country .And,i think i know why it is considered a mark of intellectual sophistication to preach and paint a gloomy,apocalyptic narrative of the Kenyan State.The commentary writer,like most of us ,focus too much on our cantankerous politicians and inevitably reach uncritical conclusions.

In the arguments,the agency of the ordinary Kenyans is often ignored.

The 2007/8 post election violence was a moment in which our understanding of what constituted Kenyan nation was severely tested.And,Kenya as a nation has had both good and very bad moments,where the spirit of Kenyanness has found expression,not in the powerful ,or,sophisticated thinkers,or,the more privileged among us ,but,in the ordinary Kenyans doing simple ,yet vastly profound things.

A nation is built from below and not just from the top.It is the feeble-minded who reduce the destiny of a nation to the mistakes of politicians.The truth is that the fate of our nation does not lie in politicians ,but,in the hands of ordinary Kenyans who are a metaphor of the thousands of Kenyans who defy tribe,pessimism and great opposition to imagine a better Kenya.

Writer,Ngugi was Thiong’o ,must have had ordinary Kenyan in mind when he reasoned that Kenya’s nationalist mantle no longer lies with self-declared nationalists ,but,with the masses.

In conclusion,we must articulate a comprehensive plan to unite the country. Kenya must decide that never again should the citizenry ever shed blood in the name of politics and the myopic shenanigans of the politicians.

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