The past year 2010 has already set and a new 2011 has dawned, and has already hit the road, it is on the roll. And, just like the dawning of the new day which brings new demanding challenges, the same case applies to a new year. An uphill of daunting challenges will all be daring to us and awaiting us to dare take up those challenges which won’t be compromising to us. Much will depend according to how we will strategize in line with our daily adjustments.

As one quote says that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. And , in corresponding to that quote most people have drawn new resolution which will propel and act as guiding principles as they scale to heights they want to attain, achieve and accomplish in life to make it a better place to live in and make it brighter both economically and socially.

While drawing the resolution much is put into consideration of last year’s stockpiling which precipitated our achievements and failures. These will necessitate to either we seal the loopholes, strengthen the points, or, lay a strong foundation.

And , as a country we had our share of failures, accomplishments, progressions good and bad tidings during thatpast year whicheither molded, created loopholes or damaged our Kallipolis.As per the expectations we didn’t accomplish our expectations, hit the targets and we are only reeling“ if we”had performed this or thatway.

But, overall we cannot castigate the year it was because we entrenched a new constitution in our system and in the economical front we made some good projections. In the systems of governance there were good strides which were made where senior government officials took responsibilities although we aren’t there yet. The infrastructural sector saw money being spent on projects such as roads and funding the budgets stimulus package.

Basically, major happenings have unfold whether good or bad which have guidedour country , but the year was capped by theinternational criminal courts, chief prosecutor, Luis Moreno Acampo, when heunveiled and namedsix suspects whom he accuses of bearing the heaviest responsibilities in the past election mayhem of which he intends to indict them.

Foretelling the overview of the New Year we do only pray and hope it will be promising and full of promises. At the same time we must be optimistic in all our endeavors’ and undertakings. As the popular saying goes, down doesn’t come twice to awaken the man, he must run to manage our time will cause the days seem to be frying at an alarming speed.

And, to make good progressive strides as a country we must take a vow to change our ways of how we do our things and politicking and say [what if] we do according to the procedure of the whims of the law and what is good.

What if we do actualize the new constitution by putting in place the new registration which will structure the new system of governance. And what if the new constitutional dispensation will be upheld and the rule of law to be instilled, if it will be implemented fully.

According to economic analysts’ prediction the year’s looks so promising as the country is expected to make good projections in the economic front. And, what if we do embrace those projections by maintaining peace so as we do not scare away the potential investors. In their analyses it seems as if our country will sprout if we play our operational number cards so well.

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