The Aftermath of Kenya’s general election;How do we build a divided nation?Are Kenyans at peace after results were announced?Is peace synonymous with absence of war?

Following the triumphant victory of the Jubilee coalition where President elect Uhuru Kenyatta,carried the day,it was a milestone for our country as it scored a mark that we have come of age since the 2007/8 post election chaos.It also demonstrated that the Kenyan citizenry have spoken.The majority expressed their voices by exercising and practising their democratic right-politically,and,their expressions must be heard and respected at all costs.And,as the Bible says ,the voice of a people is a voice of GOD.

Kenyans have spoken ,and,it doesn’t matter how you voted but the net effect is that we have given the job to the Jubilee alliance and as Kenyans let’s go back to work.We must congratulate them for the great fight.They demonstrated enviable grit against the formidable CORD team.

It was a peaceful ,albeit tightly contested election.Humour was in ample supply as Kenyans tried to ease the nail-biting tension during the prolonged vote counting period.And,in the end ,the Independent Election and Boundaries Commission ,declared that slightly more than half of Kenyans had voted for Uhuru Kenyatta as President.

The general election may be over ,but,we must rebuild our divided nation.Uhuru Kenyatta has been declared the President elect and CORD is set to file a case challenging the Independent Election and Boundaries Commission results.

But,the million dollar question still lingers ,are Kenyans at peace after results were announced?Is peace synonymous with absence of war?

It is a fact that we are a divided nation as there are too much shells which were left in the battle fields following intense campaigns.Thus,a major test awaits President elect ;cooling down the passions,anger ,and divisions seen during the election campaigns.

With 6.1 million having voted for Uhuru ,and ,5.3 million for Raila,and,with the latter having rejected the results ,it is not correct to say we are at peace .Kenya is simply calm.Our political leadership has serious challenge to bring peace in the country.

When voting is clearly an indication of how one commands tribal following rather than nationhood one must get worried.Those who did not celebrate Kenyatta’s win are millions of Kenyans,those who celebrated are millions too;this is clearly a divided nation.

But,how do we build nationhood ?Kenya must understand that leadership is more than voting for your fellow tribesman ,or,woman,it is about business climate,the international relations,taxes,development,health care and even education.

Now is the time for the Jubilee coalition to deliver on the numerous promises and debunk the perceptions that the project was intended to shield them from the International Criminal Courts.The road ahead will be tricky but how they handle the leadership will determine whether the future campaigns will be tribal based.We must deliberately move away from that platform and accept any leader without tribal considerations

Mr.Kenyatta’s job is well cut and defined which will not be an easy one .First there are traps the President elect has to watch out for.The biggest challenge will be to unite all Kenyans irrespective of their tribe,gender and party affiliations.Also,he has to cure this country of election fever.Plenty of man hours were wasted as Kenyans waited the whole week waiting election results.Now it is time to get back to work.

He can succeed in this if he leads from the front.He needs to reach out to his opponents ,put together an all inclusive government and seriously pursue the path of healing and reconciliation .No person can rule a fractured nation .He will also need to have a united government.

Also,we noted that in this election ,Kenyans voted along the tribal lines,or,to where their tribal chieftains directed them .And,this is a clear testimony that tribalism is much alive in our dear country which needs a healing therapeutic process.

But,the biggest winners were the Kenyan citizenry ,who at last proved skeptics,pessimists and doubting thomases wrong by raising their heads high above the fray and holding a democratic and peaceful election .And,despite the hiccups that followed thereafter,the Kenyan citizenry still maintained peace inspite of uncertainties .Many had written off our country wrong by proclaiming that there might erupt violence as witnessed in the 2007/8 elections.

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