Looking from an analytical point of view ,the regime of Libya’s strongman ,Muammar Gaddafi,is heading to it’s sunset years.If the advances of the western backed rebels are anything to go by ,then his cling to power is in doldrums heading to the dogs.There rebels have taken most of Gaddafi’s stronghold areas and thus weakening his regimes cling to power.

After surviving the Arab revolution for almost 7months where civil war had taken the centre-stage,with  the intervention of of the Nato forces ,it now seems that his hold to power is over.The defiant Gaddafi resisted the revolution where he employed brutal force to quell uprising,scorned-off the protesters and vowed to crush the rebels like the rats .His brutal tactics led the Nato forces to intervene to protect the civilians and ultimately he was indicted at the International Criminal Courts.

With most of Libya overrun by Nato-backed rebels fighters and Gaddafi’s wife,daughter and sons taking shelter in neighbouring Algeria ,the whereabouts of the 69 yrs old colonel himself still remained a mystery .Free of Muammar Gaddafi’s yoke ,the rebels have declared that they have a right to kill the fugitive strongman and they have given his forces 3 days to surrender.

At the moment ,it seems he is in an awkward situation walking on a tight rope which is weakening  by day and soon the rope might cut itself.The aftermath of it all is that he might be heading to the exile.After ruling his country with iron-fist for 42 yrs ,with dictatorial tendencies where he was the total man ,his decisions were not questioned as he and Libya were first among the equals,now he is watching the sunset of his reign dwindle while in hiding.

The Nato backed rebels seems to be advancing to his strongholds with much ease and without much resistance as most of his loyal soldiers have retreated.And,Gaddafi’s loyal soldiers seems to be giving up as they can’t match the well advanced technological firepower of the Nato forces .plus their heavy aerial bombardments.

According to the leader of the rebel National Transitional¬† Council ,Mustafa Abdel Jalil,he cautioned against a let up in International action against Gaddafi saying he “still poses a danger ,not only for Libya but for the world”.He also said that they won’t pose until they crush all Gaddafi ‘s loyalists.

In a recent buzzword which is making round said that whether we like it,or,not,Libya is being liberated from the jaws of Gaddafi.

But,in a matter of perspective ,the ironic question still begs,why did the western Nato forces took it upon themselves to invade Libya ,instead of Syria which is facing similar predicaments?Are they after the Libya’s oil?Or,are they trying to create war torn and disorganised country,just like Iraq and Afghanistan so that they can advance their agendas with much ease?What is the stand of African Union in this whole situation ?And,why is it that when an uprising happens in Africa it is a revolution,but,when uprising happens in London ,it is riots caused by irresponsible youths,it isn’t a revolution?

The African Union humiliated and threatened by what transpired in Libya .It is proving daily ,just how dysfunctional ,it is failing to intervene in the Libyan crisis ,and then speaking in discordant voices over whether to recognize the emerging administration .There are perhaps legitimate reasons why the A.U in such a pique;it was snubbed by Nato during the civil war.They are not likely to accept Nato’s invasion as anything but meddling .

And,according to one writer’s arguement that pragmatic reasoning should tell african leaders that no amount of rhetoric will restore the brother-leader to power after 42 yrs of autocracy.Why can’t the A.U cut it’s losses?

But,the question still begs,after the collapse of Gaddafi’s regime ,what next is at stake for Libya and it’s people?And,just like the Israelites on the journey to the promised land in the desert where they despaired due to fatigue,hunger,thirst where they reeled the times in Egypt where they would drink and eat,will it be the same case with the Libyans?Are we going to witness another dis-organised war-torn country where suicide bombers and extremists will have a field environment ?And,what about Libya’s natural oil?

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