Aden Duale’s empty rhetorics……concerning the on-going security operation

Aden Duale’s empty rhetorics……..Mr.Aden Duale,the majority leader ,in Parliament is a besieged man after he made utterances which were in bad taste in reference to the on-going security operation swoops.He has being reprimanded by fellow legislators over those inflammatory remarks which were directed at the government in which he is serving.They have challenged him to quit his position in the government.

But,the government led by the President have stood firm in their resolve to secure the country from any insecurity threat.The President has reiterated that his government will not relent in their determination to smoke out terrorists and other criminal elements from the country.The script that the government is reading is that it must secure the country from internal and external aggression.

In the on-going security operation which is meant to get rid of aliens who have taken our hospitality for granted to wreck our country ,the government has demonstrated it resolve to secure our country.The massive security operation which has mainly concentrated in Eastleigh has netted thousand of aliens.And,it is this operation that has illicited harsh criticism from a section of Somali leaders .

These leaders are urging the government to go slow ,or,suspend the operation altogether which in their argument is victimising and targeting their people .Led by Mr.Duale ,who has being vocal and hasn’t shied away in condemning the government in the manner it is carrying out this security operation,he hasn’t fallen short of criticizing the government.

He is leading a chorus which has also being picked up by other leaders from his community who are telling the government to stop harassing their people.Mr.Duale even threatened to quit the jubilee coalition government if the government continues to arrest,harass and detain their people arbitrary.

This is one security operation which has carried a mixed fortune in a bag.The jubilee government must do abit of balancing act ,their resolve to secure the country must not dwindle ,while at the same time ,it must carry the operation with soft glove hands so as not to be seen as provoking the Somalis.It is a hot issue that needs to be approached with a sober mind and not jumping with blazing guns.

When an issue is trivialized with heavy political undertones ,it takes a certain risky angle which can have a negative repercussion at the expense of addressing the whole issue of insecurity.When political leaders and politicians politicize an issue ,then ,that’s where the whole hell do broke loose ,spilling all the beans.

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