According to Government spokesman, Dr. Alfred Mutua, while responding to American Government’s threats letters, he said that, we are not going to engage in activism diplomacy. We are not a colony. We work with friends; we don’t work with people who threaten us. And you can ban the whole country from going to U.S.A but that will not stop us from continuing with our reform agenda.

He further said that, we are running through the reform agenda for the country and not to please anyone. We are not going to stomach threats, intimidation for our internal affairs.

This is one of the responses the American Government gets due to it’s suspicious meddling of other countries internal affairs. They do issue occasional threats and lectures on good governance, and how the country will be governed. This is mostly directly to the third world countries. American’s persistence poking of other countries affairs draws condemnation and criticism. This poking mostly irks the Muslim World and some of the Latin American Countries.

Recently in their characteristic style, the American Government through their African Special advisor, Mr. Johnnie Carson, went a step ahead and issued threat letters to 15 senior Government officials, where they were advised that they will be issued with a Visa travel ban. According to them they perceive them as a major reformation in their systems in Government. They have said that the Agenda 4 of the National accord which had called for total reformation of different key institutions must be accomplished.

And as much as we are not proud of the progress of reforms in this country or the coalition Government’s commitment to Agenda 4 reforms; find it a bit arrogant for the U.S.A to issue threats through its ambassador. Their action to slap a ban on those perceived to be anti- reformists is unfortunate and quite un procedural.

We agree that corruption had affected our economy and livelihood, but we cannot be oblivious of the laws governing international relations and diplomacy. We cannot agree that the U.S.A is the Messiah we have been waiting for to emaniciate us from our predicaments.

The president protested angrily to this American threat and he wrote a protest letter to President Obama outlining his outrage. The foreign affairs ministry also summoned the to explain the circumstances under which those letters were written.

And as is the norm in Kenya when certain leaders are rounded up in a tight corner the affected personalities do react angrily to the threat condemning the move, while others roundly applaud the move.

But until when shall the Americans continue to lecture us as if we aren’t a sovereign state?

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