A tribute to the Kenya’s fallen heroes

In a span of three days ,kenyans were greated by a bizarre of sad and devastating news.Two prominent kenyans,who were leaders in their own rights,due to their positions they held in the government and society.In one way,or,another they shaped up our country,politics,society,and,the way we do address our issues and undertakings.They were leaders who dominated our psyches,charted the course of action and the way forward,defined politics and the mode of politicking,and ,in particular ,the Kikuyu land.

They had the influence,resources and outlook to define the course of action and destiny of our country.And,they were held high in the society.The passing on of cabinet minister,John Michuki,and,former cabinet minister,Njenga Karume,dwelt a blow and shocked the entire nation beyond words.They were great and exemplary leaders who were above the divisive tribal politics which defines our mode of politicking ,and,they were beyond reapproach.

In their course and worlds the two had carved a niche for themselves ,distinguishing as key leaders who can lead a nation,who were development conscious leaders.

Cabinet Minister,John Michuki,carved his path right from his heydays in the civil service where he climbed through the career path to an illustrious career,until he joined politics as a member of Parliament for Kangema,and,the subsequent promotion to the cabinet.In the career positions he held and served, he performed his duties with energy and zeal bringing the necessary changes as stipulated by the law,and,according to the rules and regulations.

But,it’s his tenure as a cabinet minister which brought him to the light,where he distinguished himself as a serious non sense performer who followed the rules to the letter.His hallmark was when he brought order to the once chaotic matatu industry.

And,prior to his appointment to the transport docket in 2003,the matatus had branded themselves as one of the ruthless,chaotic disorganized sector of our economy.But,with his appointment all that changed in a whaff ,the bad chapter was erased ,and, in came an organized and friendly order in the industry.

Another exemplary example of his works was when he ordered the cleaning up of the Nairobi River,in the capacity of Minister of environment.Nairobi river was one of the heavily polluted rivers in the country as it was where affluent,filthy waste was being dumped .But with his orders the river cleaned up.

For,Njenga Karume,on his part,he established himself as an illustrious business magnate enterpreneur ,who had a strong niche for business despite his low education background.His doubling in politics and philanthropist works earned him respect as a team leader who can lead .He was a man of wisdom and great insight,who shared his experiences with others.

His friendship cut across tribe,gender,age and creed.He inspired and mentored many.His role in the restoration of multi-party democracy in KENYA ,and his unwavering support to President Kibaki cannot be gainsaid

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