A renewed International interest in Somalia

For almost two decades and plus years,Somalia,as a country has not known peace at any given time.It has been a war torn country,with it’s headquarters,Mogadishu,been the heart and epi-center of these battles.The subjects have been living in one of the most deplorable environment ever witnessed in the world,which has been characterized by gunfire, and,in-clan fighting.And,most of them have been reduced to a life of total misery,poverty and destitution.They have been watching their country head to the dogs with each an every passing day-it had slid into an abyss.

The horn of Africa country slid into the state of anarchism and lawlessness ever since the toppling of their last government of dictator,Mohammed Said Barre,in 1991.From that moment,the country hasn’t experienced any relative peace ,as it was engulfed in flames of in clan fighting where warlords were the ultimate kingpins.No central government was able to be formed,and,any attempts to form one,or,save the volatile situation ended prematurely,disastrous,and,turned out to be futile attempt.

A case in point remains with the Americans,who tried to save the situation in 1993,in an abortive turned deadly attempt codenamed “operation black hawk”which claimed the American soldiers lifes.

Overall,it’s a country where it’s youth and children have only known one thing,a gun,and it’s repercussions has littered their environment with gunfire which rattles the air,and,the smell of gun powder is a daily occurrence.It is also a very vulnerable place to for their growth as the youths are being lured to join extremist groups with a ploy of fighting the holy war-jihad.

And,according to a United Nation ,report on insecurity ,Somalia was ranked as one of the risky and dangerous place to pay a visit to due to massive insecurity and wars,where killings and kidnappings are the order of the days.The chances of living are slim and minimal.

But,right now ,a wind of change is blowing and changing the course in that country.It seems as if there’s renewed hope of a new dawn in Somalia at long last.Following a state visit to Somalia by Britain’s Foreign Secretary,William Hague,points and portrays a renewed interest in the offings.A ray of light seems to be shining at the end of the tunnel.

Principally,all is not lost for the war torn country as lady luck might smile again if the concerted efforts that are being put up are anything to go by.It is a country which was blacklisted and enlisted in the terrorist watch list by the U.S government,due to it’s infiltration by terrorists and cordoning their activities.It is a safe haven for the al queada linked terrorist network,where they recruit,train,advance their activities,and,at the same time instilling their extremism ideals.

But,since the killing of the al queada east african cell leader and mastermind,Fazul Mohammed ,in Somalia ,mid last year,the terrorist’s influence has dwindled drastically.Their activities were dealt a blow and diluted.It is worth noting that the deadly 1998 U.S Embassy bombings in Nairobi and Dar el salaam had their roots in Somalia,masterminded by Fazul.

Then,a double blow was executed by Kenya when it declared war on the al shabaab,the islamist radical militant group.The Kenya Defence forces have gone out on full scale in a war that is meant to contain the al shabaab ,destroying their bases,cutting off their supply lines and kicking them out of their strategic strongholds.Since then,the country has enjoyed and is now experiencing a relative calm,and,a bit of turnaround is being realized.

To the Somalis’ the military intervention was a welcome and long due measure,and,a blessing in disguise,a baptismal of fire as the country had been trapped and caught between a hard rock and a hard place.Most of the parts of Somalia were in the firm grips of the al shabaab ,where they ruled with the application and interpretation of the sharia laws to the moderate Somalis’.But,now they can breathe a sigh of relief as normalcy is slowly creeping back

It is worth noting that Kenya took the military intervention to ward off and neutralize this terror group’s threats after they staged a series of kidnappings in the kenyan territory.These terror operatives had kidnapped two foreign tourists in the kenyan coast which forced the kenyan government to react.And,it seems the military intervention is bearing fruit and facilitating the phasing out of the al shabaab .

There has being a tremendous gain as most Somalis’ can now go about in their daily adjustments normally without any hindrance like before.

The renewed interest in Somalia was initiated by Turkey,when their Prime minister,Recep Tayyip Erdogan,paid a state visit and promised to help the country emerge out of the doldrums.Turkey is one of the first countries that responded to the plea to help the needy people in Somalia that were affected by the worst drought in 60 years.The country delivered the largest humanitarian goods in terms of foods,medicines and sheltering materials.

Following that high profile visit by the prime minister,his family and close aides in August 2011,Turkish government promised not only humanitarian aid but also development assistance to Somalia.On going projects in Mogadishu include renovation of Aden Abdulla airport.Since November 2011,for instance ,governmental and non-governmental organizations from Turkey have been establishing medical clinics,orphanages and schools providing free services.

Then, the United Nation,Secretary General,Ban Ki-moon,came calling next,promising the full backing of the U.N to help bring sanity and a state of law in Somalia.And,several countries and institutions have expressed willingness to offer aid to Somalia ,especially after the militants of al shabaab ,were largely driven out of Mogadishu.

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