A major Security lapse;as a fake police officer is unearthed .But,how can we stoop so low as a country to such an extent that we are compromising our national security to total imposter police officer? | fake,police,officer,security,lapse

fake,police,officer,security,lapseWonders will never cease to amaze especially here in Kenya,where high raising dramas are orders of the days.At the moment ,the country is trying to come to terms ,and,grappling to unfold how a man masquerading as a senior superintendent police officer could infiltrate in our security system without notice and start dictating terms.

And,talk about a serious security lapse as a fake police is unearthed.Questions are lingering as police are unable to explain how a man could pose as a police officer for 5 years.As police investigate how a civilian was able to infiltrate their ranks and discharge duties ,including sacking junior officers there is more to the saga than meets the eye.

But,how can we stoop too low as a country to such an extent that we are compromising our national security to total imposter strangers?Isn’t fakery a national pastime?Call it the height of hypocrisy of the highest order.The discovery of a man alleged to be a bogus police officer has the country on tenterhooks,everyone wondering how such a blunder could be let to fester for so long within a security force.

According to National Police Service Commission ,chairman ,Mr.Kavuludi,the incident has exposed a serious lapse that has outraged the nation.It has exposed serious systemic weaknesses in the police service and the commission is undertaking a detailed audit of all the police officers an action that would weed out ghost officers.

He further points out that the commission has rapidly put in place mechanisms to ensure that we get to the bottom of the matter such that proper investigations are conducted to reveal exactly how this lapse occurred and who within the police service is guilty of any act of omission ,or,commission so that appropriate action is taken.

Mr.Joshua Waiganjo,is the fake police officer who disguised himself as a senior superintendent police officer in the Rift valley police command for 5 years,which culminated in a high raising drama in Nakuru,where he was arrested.He has since being arraigned in the Court of law to answer to a string of charges.But,his family still insists and maintains that he was appointed to the position by the former police commisssioner,Mathew Iteere,a position Mr.Iteere has distanced himself in.

The unmasking of a phony “senior police officer”in Nakuru surpasses the stuff the fans of nollywood have been savouring .And,here is a classic ,peculiar thing that Kenyans are know for .Where else cold an imposter have operated for so many years without detection ,attending high security meetings using police choppers and even sacking junior officers.

As the country tries to grapple with the sensitive news of a fake police officer ,the incident clearly manifests how defective our systems of governance are,as they are riddled and tainted by corrupt deals,mismanagement and inefficiency.

But,the million dollar questions are;how did the man infiltrate in our security force system without detection?On whose payroll was he outsourcing his pay packs?Aren’t we compromising our security with such a high security lapse while putting into consideration we are facing security challenges as a nation?Did the top police hierarchy knew about this conspiracy?And,why would someone want to keep an imposter within the police force?Was he part of a parallel police force that served some partisan interests?

The interdiction of 3 senior police officers who had being linked to the embarrassing drama of an imposter among them was a step in the right direction .All along ,the public has questioned how an imposter could endear himself to top ranking officials ,wield power over legitimate officers and carry out operations without suspicion ,let alone being caught .Certainly ,he would not have done that without the explicit support of senior officers.

Thus,the unfolding of police imposter ,Joshua Waiganjo,spectacularly points to complex underhand dealings and endemic rot within the police force that must be unearthed at all costs.Whatever the case ,the story demonstrates the rot,and,filth in the police forceĀ  ,showing how porous the system is that allows unwanted fellows to easily find their way into positions of power and authority where they could compromise security.

The vetting process is an opportunity to transform the police force from a corrupt ,inept and lethargic outfit into a professional,competent and responsiveĀ  service



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