………….The 2022 succession politics coated with the underlying by line…….”Hakuna deni”….campaign which has gone viral….

…….The 2022 succession politics coated with the underlying by line…….”Hakuna deni”….campaign which has gone viral. But, in a matter of introspective, is there any political debt worth to be settled by the Central and Mt.Kenya region voting block? And, isn’t it too premature to engage in 2022 succession politics?

This 2022 succession politics have started in earnest of which is going viral with the million dollar question been asked as to whether there is any political debt that needs to be settled.

And, the political matter has been further aggravated by an ironical song which has gone viral depicting “Hakuna deni” campaign. This song has proclaimed that the Central and Mt.Kenya region doesn’t have any political debt to pay and they won’t fall to intimidation and blackmail that’s been exerted by certain political quarters.

This succession political debate which is been fuelled by such songs and political comments from certain political leaders led by Nyeri Town Member of Parliament, Ngunjiri Wambugu, to the effect that Deputy President William Ruto, won’t get central region votes on a silver platter.

These comments have ruffled the political feathers in a wrong way. Thus, precipitating a clash of opinions across the political divide and threatening to tear apart the ruling Jubilee government.

The political debate has created a wedge in the Central region. According to political propagandists, it is believed that there are two camps in the region. Those who are rooting and supporting Deputy president Ruto, nicknamed “tanga tanga” camp, while those who are opposed to quest nicknamed “kieleweke” camp.

Recently, when he was put to task on live television forum, and, asked whether he believes that there’s a political debt that needs to be settled, the Deputy president said that in his thinking he doesn’t think so.

And, the political debate has tilted to a point where President Kenyatta has become a marked man. His actions and words are been interpreted in political volumes. Since he made the off-cut remarks in reference to Deputy president’s weekend tours around the country, when he described him as a young man who prefers to “tanga tanga” it seemed as if he rattled some political quarters.

This political debate has spilt to a point where the President has voiced his concern over the raging debate. He has objected the premature 2022 succession politics arguing that it might jeopardize his main objective of attaining his agenda 4 benchmark pointers he wants to fulfil before he leaves office.

He has warned politicians who are engaging in premature succession politics to hold their horses and concentrate on developing the nation. He has told them off with their politicking while warning them that it will whitewash his big 4 agenda of developing the nation.

But, the political debate has defied the calls, and, it seems to be spreading virally like the bushfire in the political circles. For one, the debate is been dictated and shaped by the succession politics of 2022, coupled by the political propaganda that’s spreading that there’s a political debt that Mt. Kenya region voting block do owe Deputy president William Ruto, of which it is been said that it won’t be paid if that song was anything to go by.

But, the million dollar question still begs…..is there any political debt worth been paid? Political proponents are arguing that there’s a political debt worth to be settled as it was an agreement between President Uhuru, and, his Deputy Ruto.

Others are arguing that there isn’t any political debt worth paying.

Also, the debate is been dictated by the on-going crackdown on corruption, where a certain group of politicians are politicising this hot issue by proclaiming that this war on corruption is targeting certain individuals.

But, whether there’s political debt, or, not politicians should respect the voters as they talk of “repaying debts” after the alleged deal between Uhuru and Ruto. It was a gentleman’s agreement. We now hear of “our people will vote for so and so”. How can a politician assume he has a bay of voters? Let politicians stop going round telling voters to vote so and so, but, we can request them to vote for a party.

According to Daily nation columnist, Macharia Gaitho, he wrote that ” Hakuna deni”, talks brings out fraud in UhuRuto agreement. The Jubilee government and UhuRuto power-sharing and succession pact were based on the fiction that it united their warring communities and finally restored peace in the perpetual battlefields of the Rift Valley.

He concludes that the presumption that Mr.Kenyatta will reciprocate and throw his weight behind Mr.Ruto’s 2022 presidential campaign can no longer be taken for granted. Mr Kenyatta may intend to honour his promise, but there is no guarantee that he will rally the Kikuyu to a man behind Ruto in the way the latter’s Kalenjin did for him

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