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Open Source Opinion, is a highly, opinionated,and, analytical opinion portal Blog. It is an open source for opinions, and, discussions. The  name,Open Source Opinion, which just came out of the blues was derived and depicts an open source for opinions. The overview of it is that it’s an opinionated based portal, with political writings as it’s baseline,with Kenyan politics ,and,politicking as the underlined words.

The portal analyses and follows the trends in politics, systems of governance, the happenings in the Kenyan society , what ills it,and,what  affects that society, and, highlights their concerns and issues.

  • In summation  it highlights the events in Parliament,trends in government and even sporting activities.You can direct your cursor in Open Source Opinion,if you are interested in politics,current affairs and other aspects of daily life.

In general, Open Source Opinion, follows and highlights the true dynamics of the real politicking in our country. It also castigates and critiques the negative repercussions of bad politicking.It also condemns  how bad politics can affects the Nation-State association.It also highlights  how the political class,and elites  manipulates the systems of governance. How corruption derails the development of the state,and, the catastrophic, divisive, and, devious tribal politics. Promises and pledges that the government of the day fails to honor to it’s citizens and the various ills that do affect the general society.

  • Thus, the backbone of the portal, it’s intention, and, the baseline was to castigate the political establishments, analyze our politics and politicking, fault our systems of governance and keep the government on it’s toes. And, above all fault the political class and elites, politicians, tribal chieftains and political barons all who call the shots in our political scenes. They do disguise as our leaders whereas down their spine their actions speaks otherwise.

Following the aftermath of the post election violence, it’s common knowledge and a fact that the buck stopped on the doors of the political class, they bore the heaviest responsibility. They stands accused because of fanning tribal animosities, incitements, fueling ethnic hatred, and financing where one of the most heneous and devious atrocities were committed, mass murders, rape, wanton destruction of properties, forced evictions and displacement of people where they refugees in their own country  as friends turned against each other as neighbors turned to each other.

  • At  the height of the post election chaos in the year 2007/08, we failed the test as a nation-state, republic, society and as an association. According to Aristotle’s argument, the society, nation, state is an association. And, that association’s mould is based on mutual understanding and virtues that identifies it with it’s people. For that association to prosper and stand the test of times it must have harmony, and there must be peaceful co-existence among the subjects so that they can accommodate and tolerate each other
  • But, during those black months in our history we almost tilted to the abyss, the country was burning as our leaders were jostling for power. The desire for power fueled the post election violence. What transpired and happened at that time can be related to what Plato, wrote in his famous book, “The Republic”. He charges in effect that the ideal city depicted in the republic was fatally unable to cope with the key insight of liberal politics, which is that, “power corrupts”.
  • Desire for power corrupts and more than that destroys. Yet at it’s core is a related but deeper insight. It destroys people in the never ending pursuits of power, undermines their psychological health. And it destroys politics as rulers desiring power for self-gratification undermine political units.

And, as a result of my considered opine, and, highlighting these issues, i have been receiving overwhelming responses through my inbox ,which are positive and encouraging. And,it’s these comments which have been my driving as i write one blog post after the other.

In conclusion i do think that Open Source Opinion Blog will create it’s own space within the world of blogosphere where it will take it’s rightful place among the the Kenya’s respected blogs and the world all over.It will be more accommodative ,informative and above all it will congregate the like-minded citizen journalist, bloggers and political thinkers in the sphere of  Open Source Opinion community.

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